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Checo Pérez is very important to be a champion: Honda

Checo Pérez is very important to be a champion: Honda

Sergio Perez essential piece for Red Bull In the fight for the Drivers and Builders Championships, consider Toyoharu Tanabe, Technical Director of Honda to Formula 1Who highlighted it now Max Verstappen He has strong backing in his fight against Mercedes.

Perez occupies Third place in the championship with 84 points, which was necessary to put it Red Bull On top of builders with Total 215 units (The other 131 are from the leader Max Verstappen), a harvest that adds to the teamwork he has done with the Dutchman and was particularly evident at the French Grand Prix.

“If it had been the way it was last year (at Paul Ricard), Hamilton would have been free to re-enter. But Perez and Mercedes could not move freely. In this sense, we can use teamwork, mechanics, engineers, strategists and pilots. Your presence is very important for the futureAnd the to be heroes of constructors and pilots,” Tanabe analyzed.

He noted that since Honda and Red Bull entered into a partnership they had only had to see him Verstappen to compete Only against Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, a trend that was cut short with the hiring of Checo.

“Perez joined the team this year and Little by little it increases its rhythm. Perez’s career (in France) was strong and although he failed to qualify he did well in the race. In Azerbaijan, when Verstappen retired, Perez, who was in second place, took the victory. Among what Verstappen was against the two Mercedes cars until last year, He went to two against two‘, he confirmed.

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Engine improvements

knowing that mercedes It won’t stand still, Honda continues to work on its engine to bring the best tools to its Red Bull customer.

We provide new parts To be able to evolve in each race. This is from the side of the team. The power unit is always the same, but we learn to use power management, etc. By unit of energy and each stroke. I analyze the following circuit characteristics. I think that The daily development is linked to the current improvementTanabe in detail.