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La Jornada – The legal battle between Disney and Ron DeSantis intensifies

La Jornada – The legal battle between Disney and Ron DeSantis intensifies

Orlando. Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis escalated their legal battle this week.

DeSantis asked the federal court to dismiss the company’s First Amendment lawsuit. Meanwhile, the agency demanded the governor’s office turn over emails, text messages and other communications in a separate lawsuit originally filed in state court by DeSantis’ appointees to the district that manages Walt Disney World.

The court filings represent the height of the dispute between DeSantis, a contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, and entertainment. The conflict began last year when Disney publicly opposed a state law banning counseling lessons. Education classrooms. DeSantis responded by taking control of the county that provides municipal services to the 10,117-hectare theme park in Florida.

Disney sued DeSantis in federal court, saying the governor violated the company’s free speech rights by punishing him for expressing opposition to the law.

On Thursday, DeSantis and the Tourism Oversight District for the Middle District of Florida, a governing body made up of officials appointed by DeSantis, asked a federal judge to dismiss Disney’s First Amendment lawsuit. Re-establish his business empire.

“Although Disney has made headlines for suing the governor, Disney, like many others who have previously challenged Florida laws, lacks the grounds to do so,” DeSantis’ motion states.

So the governing body, now controlled by DeSantis appointees, sued Disney in state court. The complaint is an attempt to rescind previous agreements made before DeSantis’ appointees took office, which gave Disney control over design and construction and prohibited the use of Disney-like characters or other intellectual property without the company’s permission.

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