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Japan becomes the fifth country to successfully reach the moon

Japan becomes the fifth country to successfully reach the moon

The Eastern nation writes its name in the history books of space conquest

Archive photo of a recreation of the Japanese lunar module

We marvel at the possibilities that NASA missions offer us, but the truth is that there are many countries, in addition to the United States, that continue to search for a way for humanity to continue learning about what outer space has in store for us. Today we have to I congratulate Japan So is he Space program.

The fifth world power to reach the moon is Japan

You can also read in the post that we leave you below these lines, and in the article itself JAXA statementIt was the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency itself that confirmed this Slim unitwhich is an abbreviation for the Intelligent Landing Module for Lunar Investigation, Successfully landed on the moon On our satellite.

According to data revealed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, it was… 4:20 pmSpanish Peninsula time, from the past January 20 When the lunar module sets foot on the moon's surface. After landing, to the relief of mission participants, it appears that… Connections can be restored using SLIM.

At the time of issuing the statement, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency confirmed that Solar Panels From loneliness They were not generating energy. This is the main one priority He was Recovery Follower SLIM unit data. After analyzing the aforementioned data, the agency itself will continue to reveal details of the mission in future updates, whether on its website or on social media.

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It is worth noting that there are currently many countries that have ventured, or will do so soon, in exploring the moon. United State Its attempt to reach the South Pole has failed, although the second part of the Artemis mission has already begun, and other countries such as India Proof Eastern power In scientific matters.

after United StateExtinct soviet union, China And India, Japan Joins the exclusive club of countries that led Name of a nation to our satelliteIt is the third country to do so this century, after the United States reached the moon in the 1960s and the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

the Slim missionBy the way, it incorporates a New technology To do so High precision landingwhich may mean before and after the arrival of new instruments and modules to the Moon and other celestial bodies.