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“I’ve never seen that before!”

“I’ve never seen that before!”


Manchester city Received this Sunday Tottenham For the 14th history of the Premier League and Pep Guardiola In the previous press conference, he seemed surprised by what the coach was doing Angelos Postecoglou Spurs currently occupies fifth place in the standings with 26 points, three points behind the Sky Blues.

This is how the English Premier League standings for 2023-24 go


“People like Postecoglou make football a better place. I really enjoy watching their teams: how they press, how they use the starting goalkeeper, how their full-backs turn into attacking midfielders… I’ve never seen that before! It’s your idea. What Ange did in Japan, at Celtic and now at Tottenham is unbelievable. I have said on several occasions that I am a coach, but I am also a spectator. I enjoy his game. “Everyone in England sees that he is in good form.”

The match against Tottenham

“I encourage all our fans to come to the stadium because they will have a good time.”

Captain Walker

“Kyle is the same. He was already involved before he became captain, but now the players have decided that he should take this position. It’s the same thing, but with more responsibility. If we have a situation in the locker room, he can solve it. I’m honoured.” .

Mourinho criticizes Roma players and compares himself to Guardiola: “If he is not happy, he kicks them and chooses someone else.”

The fight for the title

“Every season, the Premier League gets better, and there are more teams involved in winning it.”

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