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It can be activated for new conversations

It can be activated for new conversations

A new improvement is already in the code The WhatsApp, You expect significant advances in privacy: By default, we can choose to have self-destructing messages. And without the need to activate it in a specific conversation, personal or group: the messages themselves will self-destruct even in the new chats they invite us to.

This week is a major date for WhatsApp, and it is not in vain that last May 15th Until users accept the new privacy policy; Which in principle should not affect European citizens (Although Germany raised serious doubts). To this day, May 17, The controversial notice has yet to jump in, But we have progress on another piece of privacy: self-destructing or temporary messages. WhatsApp wants to enable them.

Messages that disappear by default, even for new conversations

Modify the temporary status in WhatsApp privacy. Image from WabetaInfo

Currently, we can select a file Self-destructing messages In any private or group chat, always from the Conversation settings. The so-called “temporary messages” Disappears from conversations seven days after being sent; The time that WhatsApp adjusts to give the user more timeframes. Not only this.

WaBetaInfo also discovered-WhatsApp is improving its temporary messages to allow each user Activate it by default from your application settings. This way, automatic message destruction will be activated in all chats that you participate in. Even the ones the user is invited to: This will ensure that all conversations they participate in are ephemeral. And without the need to create temporary messages for each conversation.

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According to the screenshots shown by WaBetaInfo, “latency mode” (or “temporary mode”, WhatsApp definitely translates it like this) It can be activated from the privacy options within the account settings. It is currently in an advanced stage of development, so it wouldn’t be strange if WhatsApp expands its apps for Android and iOS soon (detected in the beta version of the iPhone). Certainly with a choice Set self-destruct messages for a day or a week.

We’ll have to wait until we have the option to activate temporary messages by default. This option, along with more options under development, could come with the next stable release of WhatsApp.

Via | WaBetaInfo