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Is Elon Musk's 120-hour week formula feasible?  |  international |  News

Is Elon Musk’s 120-hour week formula feasible? | international | News

What is the secret of success? For Elon Musk, the billionaire and CEO of Tesla X, the key to success is working more than 80 hours a week.

“Nobody has changed the world by working 40 hours a week,” Musk declared on Twitter in 2018. During an interview with Recode, he himself explained that he devoted 120 hours a week to work, and that his team members did. 100 hours a week.

The employer admitted that after 80 hours of work per week the level of pain and fatigue increases. A study conducted by Stanford University showed that working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, or 40 hours a week, increases the risk of depression and reduces employee productivity levels.

Long working hours reduce employee productivity.

So how do Musk and his team manage to increase productivity to more than 80 hours a week?

According to Infobae, psychology has the answer: It may be possible to work more than 80 hours a week if a person is enjoying themselves while they work. This explains why work gets overwhelmed when tasks are boring, repetitive or stressful.

Musk works up to 120 hours a week. Photo: Brendan Smilowski

Time seems to pass more slowly for those who do not enjoy the activity they are involved in, so the work environment must be entertaining and efficient if you want to maintain a high level of productivity.

If Elon Musk spends 120 hours a week working his job, the tech mogul is more likely to enjoy what he’s doing. In an account of his routine, the billionaire revealed that he wakes up at seven in the morning and sleeps at one in the morning, and that most days he doesn’t have time for breakfast or a full lunch.

Although Musk spends most of his time at work, some Tesla employees have commented that working hours are excessive, while others enjoy this pace of life. (I)

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