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In which countries is it valid and can be used?

In which countries is it valid and can be used?

Venezuelan driving license: in which countries is it valid and can be used?

A driving license is a necessary document to drive different types of vehicles. It is personal and non-transferable and must be issued by a competent institution that authorizes the person to drive.

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In the case of the Venezuelan people, if they plan to use it in different countries, they must take into account certain procedures to follow that guarantee its use without problems and prevent the driver from receiving a traffic fine. Here we tell you everything you should consider if you are going to use your driver's license outside Venezuela.

Can I drive with my Venezuelan license in Colombia?

If a Venezuelan citizen wishes to drive a private vehicle in Colombia, and enters the country by stamping his passport, he has a period of six months to use his Venezuelan driver's license. If you exceed this allowable time, you may receive a fine equivalent to 30 days of the minimum wage, which for 2024 is $1,300,000 (Colombian peso).

In addition, you must remember that this rule does not allow you to drive public transportation, goods, courier vehicles, etc., as you must obtain a Colombian driver's license.

Now, if you are issued a Temporary Protection Permit (or PPT for short), this document is considered valid for carrying out transit-related procedures, among many others, including applying for your Colombian driver's license.

Can I put a vehicle in my name in Colombia as a Venezuelan?

Yes, as long as the foreign nationals are in regular immigration status and keep all their documents in order. Remember that under this rule, you can not only buy vehicles, but also sell them and transport them within Colombian territory without any problem.

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