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How to track a cell phone in real time using only phone number: It is very easy

How to track a cell phone in real time using only phone number: It is very easy

The application for Google Maps It has become the right hand of millions of users who turn to the application every day Locate geographicallyTo know the traffic situation or learn about the different routes available to reach a specific destination.

But what many Internet users do not know about the electronic map service Google is that it also offers possibility Cell phone tracking Just by entering the phone number.

This is a must-have option Use responsibly Because it takes into account ethical and legal considerations in case of improper use. This means that under no circumstances should the said tool be applied to track anyone without their consent.

Google Maps: How to know the location of a lost cell phone?

Google Maps offers two alternatives for tracking a mobile device. The first consists of sending an email to [email protected], With the theme “path” Google Maps“.

In the body of the message, you must enter the phone number but the last four digits must be entered Replaced with “4x”. Once this is done, the user will get the exact location of the lost phone through Google Maps.

The second option is for people to log in to the map service and select the function to share the map. Location in real time. Therefore, anyone who wishes can send – by e-mail or WhatsApp– Determine your geographical location through the link.

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