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How to clear your Fire TV Stick's cache

How to clear your Fire TV Stick's cache

It is important that you know how to clear your Fire TV Stick's cache to ensure its proper functioning

Is your Fire TV Stick not working properly and apps are taking a while to open? We will teach you how to clear the cache

It's no secret that the Fire TV Stick is One of the most popular and used streaming devices all over the world, is able to transform an old TV into a kind of smart TV. However, like other such devices, it is not exempt from booting problems, which can often be solved by clearing the cache. Although, in other cases, they may require you to update the software of these devices.

If you notice that your Fire TV Stick You start having performance issues, such as slowness when opening apps, sudden freezing, or lack of smoothness when playing content, among other similar situations, you may need to clear the device cache. If you don't know how, don't worry, we'll tell you how to do it step by step.

Steps to clear cache of Fire TV Stick

By following these steps, you can clear the cache of your Fire TV Stick

By following these steps, you can clear the cache of your Fire TV Stick

And contrary to what you might think, Clearing the cache of your Amazon Fire TV Stick is not complicated at all, since it is a procedure that will take a few minutes, and in return, you will be able to enjoy better smoothness when running applications. This may be recommended periodically to ensure that your devices will work as they did on day one.

Having said all of the above, If you want to clear your Fire TV Stick's cacheYou must follow these steps.

  • First you must access session From Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • After that you must press Applications And enter this list.
  • The next thing is to search for the section Manage installed applications.
  • In this section, as its name indicates, you can view all the applications that you have installed on your computer.
  • All you have to do is choose one of these applications and click on it.
  • Then information about the application in question and data such as its size will be displayed.
  • Right in the middle of these options, you'll see an option that says Clear cache.
  • Tap on this option and the app cache will be deleted immediately.
  • You must repeat this process for the rest of the installed applications.
  • Finally, it is recommended to restart your Fire TV Stick.
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Why clear Fire TV Stick cache

This procedure is recommended periodically, since It is a way to ensure that all applications are working properly, without lagging or freezing issues. This is because over time and as you use these programs, they store this cache which, in theory, makes them easier to use, but can get corrupted.

When the cache is corrupted, This means that this application will have problems when running. This is exactly what makes many apps start working incorrectly, slowly and more on Fire TV Stick, PC, browser and mobile phone.

The Fire TV Stick is no exception to this problem. But you already know how you can solve it and clear the cache of all apps Which you installed and enjoy the smoothness of this streaming device. Although, in a worst-case scenario, if doing so doesn't get it back up and running, you may have to factory reset that device, which is a bit more extreme.