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How to buy Cubana de Aviación tickets online with Cuban pesos and foreign currency?

How to buy Cubana de Aviación tickets online with Cuban pesos and foreign currency?

Since the end of November 2023, the national airline Cubana de Aviación has announced that it has opened the door to purchasing airline tickets or tickets online. However, doubts remain about how this reserve will be generated, whether in Cuban pesos or in foreign currency. This is what was explained by official sources.

New version of web page From the airline Cubana de Aviación has been available for two months, according to reports from there. The website https://www.cubana.cu already allows you to book tickets for flights within the island, such as Havana-Santiago de Cuba or Havana-Holguín, as well as for international destinations. This can be done by transfer or cash at Cubana offices.

According to officials, the site has been renewed with a more modern, practical and fast design, making it easier to find the required contacts. Users can check flight availability for the dates of their choice and make their reservations online.

How to buy online with Cubana after the new prices

Now, with the new prices, doubts are still growing, although an employee of the Cubana de Aviación Telegram channel explained it this way. Through the official website (we gave the link above), online reservations are made in COP, USD, CAD and EUR. “Availability on January 24. There is no APK yet, just a website,” he added.

He then added, “Current availability is no longer for January. You have to search the website and if it does not appear for the requested date, it means either there is no flight for that day or there are no longer available tickets. Payments in CUP via Transfermovil”.

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An example of the new air ticket prices is a flight from Havana to Guantanamo, which rose from 1,140 to 4,300 Cuban pesos, one of the longest flights. Another case is that of Havana to Holguin, which ranges from 935 to more than 4 thousand pesos, a cost that was already high for many.

Flights from Havana to Girona, on the Isle of Youth, are also increasing, exceeding a thousand pesos. We remember that retirement in Cuba does not exceed 1,500 pesos per month in many cases.