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Etecsa's most anticipated recharge offer arrives: “Quintuplicate your Balance”

Etecsa's most anticipated recharge offer arrives: “Quintuplicate your Balance”

Cuban telecommunications company SA (Etecsa) has announced a new international promotion entitled “Quintuplicate your recharge + Unlimited Internet”.

This offer is valid from January 12 to 21 of the current year Cuban guide We tell you all the details.

According to official information from place website, customers who receive international recharge ranging from 500 cups to 1,250 cups will have the possibility to multiply the recharged balance five times, in addition to enjoying unlimited internet from 12:00 am to 7:00 am and the unlimited internet service will be valid for a period of 30 days from last shipment received.

For example, a customer who gets an international recharge of 500 COP will get 2500 COP plus unlimited internet in his main balance, valid for 30 days from the last recharge received.

Etecsa specifies that unlimited internet is activated the moment the customer receives the last recharge. Additionally, if a customer has active unlimited internet from a previous promotion and receives an international recharge during the promotion period, the effective date of unlimited internet enjoyment will be 30 days from the last recharge received.

ETECSA International Offer: Five times your balance

According to the information provided, with the unlimited internet of this offer, customers can access all national and international sites, as long as it is between 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM, after which time, the discounts specified for national and international navigation will apply and are deducted per MB ( MB) is used.

With the balance received in this recharge, customers will be able to carry out all the actions they normally do with their main balance: national and international calls, purchase of bags, parcels, data plans, minutes and SMS, and they will be able to make transfers, make By activating the Amigo plan.

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If customers have active data resources (rewards or LTE plans and packages), their effective date will not be extended. Recharges can only be made through international locations, not in MLC stores or using the Transfermóvil platform.

International recharge sites are: