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How can you avoid an electric motorcycle fire in Cuba?

How can you avoid an electric motorcycle fire in Cuba?

There have been multiple fires related to electric scooters in Cuba in recent months.

In several cases, the outcome was fatal and other people were injured. Given the unfortunate rise in accidents of this nature, the fire department calls for some tips to avoid them.

The first thing to do is to let your Motorina battery cool down before you start charging it.

The same thing should happen once the process is complete. What time to wait? Experts recommend that the waiting period be between 30 and 45 minutes as a minimum.

It is essential to avoid the use of homemade or DIY lithium batteries, which are a frequent cause of raging fires. It is best to keep the original security hardware installed on the computer.

The firefighters also pointed out on TV Camagüey’s Facebook profile that modifications should not be made to the motorcycle that are contrary to the manufacturer’s prescriptions. It is also not recommended to charge him without due attention or prevent him from going beyond the time specified in the instructions.

Upload it, yes, but with moderation

One of the frequent suggestions is that the download is always supervised. Do not proceed to deliver it indoors or rooms without observing the charging process.

As is known, there are many house fires in the country due to Motorina’s mishandling when shipping it.

The material damages were also numerous. Many homes were reduced to ashes after explosions that were impossible to control in time.

A similar event occurred this week in a house in the center of Havana. Seven people, including two children, died in the fire. The reason for this was the explosion of one of the electric motorcycles that were charged at dawn today in the living room of the building.

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The Cuban Fire Department assures that a fire with these characteristics can be avoided if the indicated procedures are followed.