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He was working at a McDonald's restaurant in the US and revealed a secret about a product

He was working at a McDonald's restaurant in the US and revealed a secret about a product

TikTok @cherry._stems and Instagram @mcdonalds

A former McDonald's employee revealed details about one of the hamburger chain's products in the United States and warned consumers: “Be careful.” The ad was part of a series of videos that are part of the “Tell a secret you discovered while working at a store or fast food business” trend, which has gone viral on TikTok.

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The Chinese network user, known as Dee, posted a collaborative video on the profile @cherry._stems in which he uploaded the trend of revealing secrets of fast food companies. The self-styled former McDonald's employee said that while working at the hamburger chain, he discovered a terrible secret about the coffee served at the headquarters where he worked.

In the video, which appeared in response to the user @maryamazeemm_, Dee said that she used to work at a McDonald's restaurant, and that in the restaurant where she worked, there was no decaf coffee and that they had special instructions for serving customers who requested it. This product. “When someone asked for decaf coffee, they taught us to fill the cup with half coffee and half water,” the user said.

The secret behind the products of fast food chains in the United States

The revelation of the burger chain's fake decaf coffee was a reaction to another surprise confession. User @maryamazeemm_, known as Maryam Azeem, called on former employees of the fast food chain to expose their former employers and their secret practices.

For her part, Maryam said that she was an employee at Dunkin' Donuts, and that one day, when they were preparing milkshakes, the milk ran out, so one of her colleagues went to the refrigerator to get new packages. However, the entire team was surprised to notice that the expiration dates were scratched off. After looking carefully, chain workers noticed that the dates matched the previous weeks.

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