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He abuses an elderly woman who does not speak English and imprisons her

He abuses an elderly woman who does not speak English and imprisons her

Editorial by CubitaNOW ~ December 12, 2023 Tuesday

In a recent incident at the USPS Jose Marti Post Office in Little Havana, Miami, a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee was arrested following an altercation with a customer. Shintell Latoya Ford, 39, faces a robbery charge for taking the cell phone of a customer, Miguel Bravo, who was checking in on Dec. 9 at the establishment located at 425 NW 27 Ave.

The incident began when Bravo, after witnessing Ford being rude to a woman who did not speak English, asked to speak to a manager and confronted Ford, accusing him of discrimination. In response, Ford grabbed Bravo’s phone, causing a red bruise on his left hand, the Local 10 report noted.

Video of the incident shows Ford making contact with Bravo’s phone and then, according to Bravo, attempting to destroy the phone in the back of the office. Another USPS employee intervened by returning the phone to Bravo.

Ford spent Saturday night in jail and was released on $5,000 bail. He has one charge of robbery. So far, the USPS has not commented on the case.

The incident has sparked debate about the behavior of USPS employees and the treatment of customers, especially in language barrier situations. This case highlights the importance of patience and professionalism in customer service, as well as the legal implications of impulsive reactions in the workplace.

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