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Harvard “hired” an artificial intelligence robot as a computer science professor

Harvard “hired” an artificial intelligence robot as a computer science professor

Students who take the Introduction to Computer Science course in Harvard’s popular computer science program (CS50) will get artificial intelligence support, as revealed by the institution itself through The Harvard Crimson. The aim of this technology application is to provide assistance to students in various aspects related to programming and software design.

Although until the end of the second semester of 2022 Harvard did not have a specific AI policy, it has since gradually increased its use. According to the course owners, the incorporation of AI is a natural evolution of tradition in the computer science profession, which has been Always at the forefront of adopting new software and technologies.

It is expected that with the introduction of artificial intelligence, a closer teacher-student relationship and a 1:1 ratio will be achieved. In addition to being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and adapting to the pace and learning style of each student.

The “CS50 Bot”, as this AI was called, will perform various functions. On the one hand, he will be able to answer frequently asked questions from students in a discussion forum, which is a widely used platform in science, technology, engineering, and STEM. It is important to note that human course staff will review answers generated by AI to ensure quality information. the introduction.

It will also focus on helping students identify errors in their code rather than providing straightforward solutions. In addition, it will explain potentially complex error messages in a simpler and more understandable way, and give friendly suggestions so that students can solve them themselves. However, the Foundation assures that students maintain critical thinking regarding the information received, both from human sources and from the “Bot CS50.” Despite the usefulness of AI as a teaching tool, it is imperative that students reflectively evaluate the answers and recommendations provided, considering their own standards and knowledge. always.

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With the introduction of this innovative technology, Harvard’s CS50 course seeks to enhance the learning and improve the experience of computer science students, providing them with additional resources for their academic development in an increasingly digital environment.