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El primer ministro de Haití carga contra el nombramiento de un "presidente interino" por parte de la diáspora

Haiti’s prime minister has accused immigrants of appointing “interim presidents”

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry this weekend blamed Haitian immigrants, appointed economist Fritz Jean as “interim president” and stressed that the country’s law does not consider appointing a president interim.

“In the current context, I would like to remind everyone that there is no legal or constitutional way to elect a legitimate caretaker president. No one has such authority,” Henry said in a post on his Twitter social networking profile.

In addition, the Prime Minister backed the National Palace’s next tenant as “a president freely and democratically elected by a majority of Haitians.”

In this regard, Henry has reached an understanding with Haitian civil society in the country and those living abroad. “I want to believe that (their actions) are in good faith and that they really want some change in our country,” he told the Gazette Portal.

Haitian immigrants have been celebrating what has been called the Louisiana Congress since last Thursday, when economist Fritz Jean was appointed interim leader of the Caribbean Transformation.

Faced with this diaspora movement, Henry called on all Haitian political actors to work for national stability and to set aside their personal interests for the good of the country.

“Political instability has already cost us dearly. It is the duty of all Haitian democrats to set aside their immediate discriminatory ambitions and focus on creating a safe and sustainable environment conducive to the resumption of economic activity and elections.” he said..

“This is not the time for fights or fraternities to seize power. We can not play musical chairs as head of state in this predicament,” Henry criticized, declaring that he was involved in the effort to create. A new “Trusted Provisional Electoral Council, a representative National Constituent Assembly and a Trusted Regulatory and Monitoring Commission”.

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Haiti has been plunged into increasing social and political instability since the July 7, 2021 assassination of then-President Jovnell Moyes.