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Mexico to open two new embassies in US

Mexico to open two new embassies in US

The Secretary of State, Marcelo Ebert, Announced that the US government had approved the installation of two new ones Mexican Embassies: Oklahoma, New Jersey, Which will be added to the 51 already operating in this country and will carry out nearly 3 million procedures by 2021 for the benefit of the Mexican community.

In diplomatic affairs in North America, the Chancellor noted that the reorganization of the constituencies of each consulate continues, as has happened in Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York, leading to a balance of action taken this year. Can provide better care or service to fellow citizens. Two new representations have been designed for this task.

It has not been done since 2016 and it has been said that it is not possible, however, thanks to the good offices of the Mexican Embassy in the United States, we have already received, informally, the official approval from the United States to immigrate to New Jersey and Oklahoma soon, “he said.

He also announced the addition of new embassies in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Raleigh, Chicago and Orlando.

The secretary said service records in the embassy network in both the United States and Canada would be broken in 2021, as well as the issuance of more than 500 million passports.

In the case of embassy records, he announced that the rules of operation would be amended to include any Mexican residing in the Mexican country. To us You can activate it at any embassy, ​​regardless of your address.

So, in 2022, due to the increase in embassies, due to changes in the rules, there will be more embassies on wheels or wheels I hope will be higher than the specific attendance figures.

What did the President ask us? We look for the Mexican people, especially in the United States and Canada. It’s worth it, it’s something we consider a priority; In fact, there are more embassies serving Mexicans than state governments, ”he stressed.

As for the number of embassies and five embassies in Canada, they are more than 15 percent higher than the historic number recorded in 2018.

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