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Global Challenges |  The political earthquake in Israel: Goodbye to Netanyahu?

Global Challenges | The political earthquake in Israel: Goodbye to Netanyahu?

(CNN Español) – Known in his country as “The Wizard”, Benjamin Netanyahu In the past, he managed to overcome countless political battles that seemed lost. However, today he faces what appears to be the biggest political challenge he has ever faced which could remove him from power after 15 continuous years. Will you be able to avoid it?

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A real political earthquake in Israel.

It seems closer and closer that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must leave power. Fifteen years after – it is said soon – the appointment of the Prime Minister. last twelve, without interruption. No other prime minister in his country has held power for so long.

But that number of years – so far unstoppable – could really change in the coming days.

It turns out that more than ten weeks after Israel’s fourth general election in two years, and after countless attempts, eight political parties on Wednesday signed an agreement to form a coalition, with the main uniting factor ending the Netanyahu government.

Yes really. Never in the history of Israel has there been an attempt to form a coalition Too diverse, too complex,…too fragile.

It consists of parties from the entire political spectrum, from the most nationalist right to the pacifist left, and even for the first time in the history of Israel with an Arab-Palestinian party with an Islamic ideology, of course, of Israeli citizenship.

Naftali Bennett, the man who will replace Netanyahu 3:58
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If these political formations representing the Arab population have so far focused on rejecting the unacceptable Israeli policies for them with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, then the party called Ram now asserts that the time has come to responsibly address the internal problems of this matter. The Palestinian population, which represents one fifth of Israeli society. Housing and budget problems and also related to the disturbing crime that has developed within this community in recent years.

A government coalition, if formed, wants to heal the wounds in what is the complexity of Israeli society with people of different ideologies and religions.

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Well, so far this podcast, Jose Levy has spoken to you. Next week we will continue with more “global challenges” that will present us with this terrible or wonderful emotional corner of the universe where we lived.

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