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Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding dies of cancer at the age of 39

London (CNN) – Sarah Harding, singer of the English band Girls Aloud, has died at the age of 39 after a battle with breast cancer.

Harding’s mother, Mary, confirmed the news in a post on her daughter’s official Instagram account on Sunday.

“It is with deep concern that I share with you today the sad news of the passing of my beautiful daughter Sarah. Many of you will know Sarah’s battle with cancer and that she fought hard from her diagnosis until her last day. She left,” Harding’s mother said in a statement.

He also thanked fans for all the support his daughter received throughout the year.

“It meant so much to Sarah and gave her so much strength and comfort to know she was loved. I know she wouldn’t want people to remember her for her battle against this terrible disease; she was a shining star and I hope she is remembered that way.”

Harding revealed in August last year that he had been diagnosed with the condition breast cancer. He said he was receiving weekly chemotherapy sessions and was doing his best to fight the disease.

“There’s no easy way to say this and I don’t really feel like writing it is real, but here it goes. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and two weeks ago I received terrible news that the cancer has progressed to other parts of my body,” Sarah wrote in it the time.

In March, Harding published a book, Hear Me, in which he tells his story, including his battle with the disease.

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Girls Out Loud rose to fame on the ITV talent show nearly two decades ago and went on to have 20 consecutive UK singles, including “Love Machine”, “Jump” and “The Promise”.