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Madre de Francisca confiesa que tiene 27 años trabajando en Educación y apenas le da para vivir: “La que me da es ella"

Francisco’s mother admits she’s been working in education for 27 years and earns a living: “She’s the giver to me.”

When Francisco Neustra Bellesa Latina won 2015, her life changed in every way, including the life of her mother, Divina Montero, who worked in the country’s education sector for almost three decades, along with her mother, but could not afford to live what she could earn.

Donna Divina spoke on the podcast of fashion expert Jomari Koisho’s “Bon Rodios” and said that her daughter was a great help to her.

I have already been in education for 27 years and I still regret it because I have nothing but what she gives me“, The actress’ mother was honest on the verge of tears.

“I like it, because sometimes it hurts me, because it’s true, I’ve been working for 27 years, I don’t, she’s the one who gives me, All I have is to cover the basics… “, he explained.

People en Español collects that the mother of the provider of “Desperate America” ​​has pointed out that her daughter has not stopped sending money weekly since she started working in public television.

“She’s there. I remember telling her: ‘I’ll find anything here, keep quiet.’ She said: ‘No, I have decreed this for you, and it will be for you.’ That’s the way it is. The weekend will always be there, and I’m so grateful, “said the driver’s mother, adding that without her daughter’s help, her life in the Dominican Republic would have been different.

What I lived today I lived yesterday is actually a transition from heaven to earth“, He revealed.

Francesca, a mother recently, always talked about the difficult childhood she had in Ashua and the tragedy she experienced with her mother.

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