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Francis Rosas admits he felt guilty after resigning from WAPA

Francis Rosas admits he felt guilty after resigning from WAPA

comedian Francis Rosas On Saturday, he admitted he felt guilty after resigning from Wapa Televisión on June 11 to take on the role of executive producer at TeleOnce.

“I felt guilty and said, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing,’ I got into a big mess, but my lawyer’s advice helped me a lot,” Rosas said in an interview with the site. slugs tv.

The comedian expressed his feelings of relief after the judge’s decision Alfonso Martinez Biovanetti A preliminary injunction was not issued last Thursday to prevent the actor from appearing as a talent on TeleOnce due to the claim that he is bound by a contract he signed with Sanco Inc. Gilda Santini and Sunshine Logroño.

“I’ve been taking stress since I made the decision to leave, in fact, days before I knew I was going to meet him or face him and really tell him ‘Look, I’m leaving,'” Rosas said.

Similarly, the actor acknowledged that if the judge’s decision had been otherwise, “I would have been broken, because I’m not quite ready to be behind the cameras yet. It will happen in the end, because as an executive producer, I plan to produce. Shows where I don’t intend to be in front of the camera.”

However, Rosas noted that since they have been working on the concept of the program to be broadcast on TeleOnce for some time, it will be difficult to wait another two years for them to do so.

In addition, the actor revealed that since 2005 he has been making proposals to Wapa TV, but they have not accepted any of them. Whereas, TeleOnce contacted him, without receiving a suggestion from the representative.

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“For a long time I wanted to leave and look for a good opportunity, but well, I decided to stay, either because they improved the offer or it was too difficult for me to make the decision. It has been my home for 15 years, and by then, it was, I’m pretty good here in a way,” the comedian explained of leaving Wapa TV.

“But I had to go.. That was the moment. Yes, there were excellent shows before but this one was so delicious and I said let’s go there.”

As the comedian mentioned, the show, which begins in September and airs Monday through Friday on TeleOnce, will have sketches and interviews in and out of Puerto Rico, among other segments.

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