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Florinda Meza asks for clarification of doubts about "Chespirito's" biographical rights.

Florinda Meza asks for clarification of doubts about “Chespirito’s” biographical rights.

Since Florinda Meza learned that Chesperito’s son, Roberto Gómez Fernández, is attending an autobiographical series on the artist’s life, the actress seeks to involve her in negotiations regarding who her husband was and that the rights to life and image should be defined by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

“What Florinda is looking for is an explanation of who and how the biographical rights of Don Roberto coincide, it has nothing to do with the intellectual property of Chespirito, there is no doubt about who the owner is, that is Mr. Gómez Fernández, but specifically about the life and image of Mr. Roberto Gomez Bolaños, because that is He was not mentioned in the will, “Guillermo Boss, Meza’s lawyer, said in an interview.

The attorney explained that it is not a whim or an attempt to take advantage of Florinda, as he just wants to be taken into account and that the legal situation has been clarified.

“It’s not that he is asking to review the inheritance or get something extra, that simply corresponds to him, why? Because he knew that Mister Gomez Fernandez was negotiating or was already in the pre-production stage of his father’s series. This is a right that he does not have or at least he did not grant. In any case, the study that is being conducted will be, or will be suitable for all parties, namely Mrs. Meza, Mr. Roberto Gómez Fernandez and his five sisters. She is not looking for something that she intends to give to herself, but is distributed as it should. “

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Boss asserted that Florinda is the author and co-author of several texts in the Chespirito saga.

“Her husband, Mr. Roberto, has appointed her as the person responsible for preserving the integrity of the work and indicates that there are limitations where she states that she must always be a part of all the negotiations that are in place regarding Chespirito rights, she knew that, the way he wanted her to treat these rights He explained.