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FAS won Santa Tecla on penalties and will contest the final against Alianza

FAS won Santa Tecla on penalties and will contest the final against Alianza

Fez defeated Santa Tecla 4-2 on strikes from the penalty spot after losing 0-1 in 90 minutes due to Diego Areco’s Paraguayan goal, and he will play the 2021 Clausura final against Alianza as it did in the opening game. 2019 when Albus beat them 1-0.

The 41st showdown between tigrillos and parrots in First Division since 2012 has had an impressive frame of fans as fans from Santaneca filled Oscar Quiteño’s stadium as they have not in the last 25 years.

Saturday’s minimum victory at Santa Tecla in the first game of this semi-final round awakened in the associated fan a feeling of champion he had not enjoyed for 11 years, so it was impressive that two hours before the match the stadium had already shown 80% of his true energy.

And so the game was still open for both nights, despite the minimal FAS advantage on the scoreboard, but what happened one night in Cuscatlan in the other semi-final did not cease to annoy the local fans internally that the possibility of going to last resort, as well as the shots from A penalty kick was a real possibility.

Despite everything, both coaches made their starting lineup moves.
Jorge “Zarco” Rodriguez was sent to Thomas Granetto from the start in place of Julio Cesar “Chen” Amaya, while Robin “Poliletta” da Silva of Uruguay striker Roberto “Toretto” Gonzalez was injured during the week and forced to sit with him. Off the bench and send Diego Ariko Paraguayan his place to take part in the attack with Sonatico’s sons Irvin Herrera.

With these qualifications and an impressive reception from the Red Peat with the firing of colorful red, white and blue scraps and from the local drive with the fireworks off the field, both teams kicked off the match without keeping anything, with a forward football.

In three minutes FAS hinted at the southern goal defending by Aztec Dautt and that the parrots had already taken a corner kick but without incident.
Santa Tecla was not fazed by the atmosphere in the stands and his introduction to his lines on the pitch in search of the Carapantes goal allowed FAS to wait for any mistake from his opponent who was most obliged to open the scoring.

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For this reason, the tecleño team has been seen having more time in possession of the ball but without neglecting the negatives FAS rode on the wings with Torres and Reyes sending positions in search of Peralta coffee plantations or Mexican Carlos “Gullit” Peña.

After 10 minutes of gameplay, the game train was unchanged on the Quiteño turf, with Santa Tecla suggesting more but with noticeable pass errors both nights cutting the playing paths.
Santa Tecla finally got scared at 14 minutes when a position was connected to the heart of the area from Mira with a header by Evin Herrera before a bad exit from goalkeeper Carabantes before as he was not in place when the sononateco striker knocked out stuck to the left post of his goal.
The parrots repeated their attack at 16 minutes when Meera grabbed a shoe that the Karapants had rejected with a corner kick.
FAS could not recover the ball and Santa Tecla continued to hit the tigrilla goal, as happened in the 19th minute when a pass from Guaraní Arefo towards Herrera ended with the raised left foot of the “9” parrot.
FAS finally responded in the 21st minute when a Rodrigo Rivera foul on the mark allowed Wilma Torres to escape but the Tiger’s top scorer finished off the left post from the Mexican Dout goal.

FAS missed their best chance in the 26th minute when an uncomfortable pass from Peña towards Wilma Torres left the Unionense striker alone against Dautt, who miraculously managed to turn down a “21” tigrillo shot into his body when he had the opportunity to place the ball at any corner of the southern goal.
It was my best tigrillos moment on Santa Tecla with many wishes but without clear offensive thoughts.

Aztec Carlos “Gullit” injury to his left ankle in an offensive operation with three minutes remaining at the end of the first half was most relevant in the last ten minutes of the match which forced coach Rodriguez to recruit Dustin Correa to enter the second half. After 0-0 on the scoreboard.

Goal and suffering
Following the official entry of the striker of Californian descent by Mexican Snow Peña, FAS sought to show a different face to the one he had presented in the first half before a competitor prodded him with victory but without the punch needed to achieve it.

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In contrast to what was done in the first half, the tigrillos showed a greater attacking initiative than their competitor due to the mobility provided by Correa to the home team but without negligence in the lower zone as the tecleños sought to surprise.
In the 55th minute, the local crowd claimed a penalty kick against Colombian Peralta when “El Tigre” won the race over Mendoza, who then knocked off goalkeeper Daut to slash Ticlnius’ central defender over the ball to give a corner shot. That tigrillos were wasted.
Santa Tecla frightened FAS AL 59 ‘when Oliveira hit a free kick from the right wing that was rejected by half of Tigrella’s defense and that the Guarani finished off the Chilean goal saved by goalkeeper Carabantes.

The FAS responded a minute later when the Peralta coffee farmer fired from the right from outside the larger area, but his shot went close to the longest point of Dout’s goal.

Dustin Correa tried to surprise the Aztec goalkeeper in the 62nd minute with a free kick similar to his goal in Las Delicias, but his shot went past the target.

In the 65th minute, Avila de Santa Tecla midfielder looked at Judge Herrera’s first yellow card after a foul on Peralta.

But in the 66th minute came what no one wanted at Quiteño Stadium, Santa Tecla’s goal when Edgardo Mira crossed the ball into the center of the area from the left wing, where Diego Areco scored in the net to defeat Carabantes and open the scoring.

The parrots ’goal has fallen like a bucket of cold water across Santanico Stadium since the Guarani goal sends the match at least to the penalty kick.

Erico left the match injured and replaced by Ticlino Roberto Gonzalez, while “Zarko” Rodriguez sent Brian Landaverde the first to replace Granito and Guillermo Stradella in place of Reyes.

Time passed and the crowd increased pressure on FAS, who had not been answered since reaching the end, with this result in exchange for leaving them in the league final to chance.

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In the last ten minutes of play, Colombian Luis Beria entered FAS in place of his compatriot Peralta and citizen Fernando Quintanilla instead of Herrera in the ranks of the parrots.

The right post of the northern goal FAS was denied a draw at 84 minutes when Dustin Correa’s shot hit the base of the right post, miraculously hitting Alejandro Daut’s hand.

Once again, the right post from the north goal blocked the goal on FAS when the ball miraculously crashed in the last two minutes of play.
First, it was Argentine Salvadoran Guillermo Stradella who removed the stick with his right hand after a personal move, and one minute later it was Wilma Torres who hit the post.

Judge Herrera awarded three minutes of compensation which ended with the feeling that the northern target’s right-hand post had prevented FAS from celebrating.
In strikes from the penalty kick, he began to hit Santa Tecla via Rodrigo Rivera who scored superbly as he hit the ball on the left side of Carabantes.

That was a favorite role by Brayan Landaverde and hit tigrillo “8” with the right into the left corner.

Cesar Flores threw the second pitch for Santa Tecla and did not fail to sign 2–1 in favor of the parrots.

Andres Flores Jaco reached FAS and the left winger beat Daut with a grass-level shot to equalize the score.

The turn of Santa Tecla went to Marlon Cornejo and the left-hander missed when Carabantes stopped his shot on his right side.

Now the pressure went to Dustin Correa who defeated the Dowt stretch on the right side to take advantage of the kicks with a penalty kick.

Roberto Gonzalez came to collect the ball and “El Toretto” lost it when Carabantes stopped him with his soft kick from the right side.

With the favorable score, Wilma Torres came to collect the potential goal to qualify for the final and scored the pride of Anamoros for leading tigrillos to the final.