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Facundo calls from the United States and Cuban regrets that he tattooed Diaz-Canel

Facundo calls from the United States and Cuban regrets that he tattooed Diaz-Canel

Humorist Andy Vasquez He used his “Facundo Correcto” persona to make a phone call to Pedro Miyares Vega, a Cuban who went viral in June after he… Show it proudly He tattooed Miguel Díaz-Canel’s faceHowever, it exploded in recent days against the regime in a way A video in which he said that he and his family were suffering from hunger.

In the hilarious phone “dialogue” recreated by Andy Vazquez, Facundo tries to dissuade Pedro Miyares from his position, but to no avail.

For the funny conversation, the comedian used as a basis a live broadcast from December 9, in which Pedro Miyares attacked Díaz-Canel again.

Mayarez Vega said that he felt “betrayed” and stressed that he had not received any support of any kind for his constant support of the revolution on social media. He specifically pointed out a small plot of land that he asked to cultivate and that they did not give him either.

He complained that they were solving everything by calling him “crazy” and again insisted that he had nothing to eat. He says he ate only bread for several days because he left rice for his children.

“Chick Miyares” – as the controversial Cuban is known – confirmed that he wants to remove the tattoo, but he does not have the money to do so.

In the first post, Pedro Miyares’ disagreement with the regime is revealed. The Cubans attacked the Cuban government mercilessly.

“I don’t believe in anyone. Put me in prison because that’s the only thing you know how to do… You’re putting the whole country in prison now. Don’t invent more… You have the power to do it.” He said: “The country suffers from hunger, it suffers from work, and we cannot solve it until you have… They are all problems. Everything is the siege, the siege… The siege is here,” and then he did not forget to mention how obese the leaders in the country are.

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In June, Pedro Miyares Vega, who presents himself on his networks as an “exemplary member of the Counter-Terrorism Committee,” celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) by tattooing the face of Miguel Díaz-Canel and the logo of the Ministry of the Interior. On his chest was the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), which immediately launched dozens of ridicule on social networks.

Accompanied by a unique text in which he tells his life story and why he loves the ruler, “Chic Miyares” proudly showed that the face of Díaz-Canel with questionable physical resemblance was immortalized near his left nipple.

On that occasion, Miyares Vega, who claims to be the creator of the Facebook group – now deleted – “I follow my president Díaz-Canel,” explained in a very roundabout and incoherent way that he was the son of “revolutionary parents” who taught him to be “humble and respectful.” He said he developed a nerve disease when he was 24 years old, and thanks to Fidel Castro he received weekly injections for a year at a cost of $90.

Miyares added: “Little by little, I got my life back on track, but it ended with bad steps.” From there, he suddenly jumped to describing his entry into the Internet, in 2017. As soon as Díaz-Canel assumed the presidency, he said that he began working at the ideological level in the field of social networks “without receiving orders.”

This mismatch of ideas, in perfect combination with the image of the tattoo, gave rise to dozens of very funny comments, many of which questioned the quality of the injections that Pedro Miyares received in his youth or recommended resuming treatment.

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