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Ante caída de WhatsApp, FB e IG, ¿qué usa la gente?

Faced with the downfall of WhatsApp, FB and IG, what are people using?

distance The downfall of Facebook services and apps owned by you (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) In different parts of the world there have been tens of thousands of comments from internet users through other apps available about “how to live it” and “the apps they use to replace them right away”.

In a question asked by Listín Diario to users via the social network Twitter about what they do when these falls occur, Aneudys Rodríguez Ravelo stated that “it’s time for them (people) to learn to live without them, they are very used to it.”

According to Rodriguez, there are a lot of people who rely on these apps.

User Keiron Díaz responded that other people work through these networks and it’s not about learning to live without them. “You don’t imagine how much business is moving through these networks.”

“How long will it take to restore service in apps. It prompts me!” Giselle Velado said.

In the specific case of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, when users send messages, the “Connect” message and the clock icon appear, but the content is not sent to the recipient.

It is not entirely common for the world’s most used app (WhatsApp) to suffer a decline in its services. But when this happens, social networks are inundated with critical comments, and some are even offering alternatives.

“I was going to take the cell phone to the technician to see what was going on,” neworhack commented on Twitter.

Other consumers have easily coped with the matter and made comic and humorous banners for messaging services, even making comments by comparing with other networks such as Twitter and Telegram, direct contests.

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“You need to stop using WhatsApp, I’m with my active Telegram,” Christopher Rosa said.

Telegram appears as an application with functionality that far exceeds those that can be found in WhatsApp, Many users have commented positively on the messaging service.

Comments on social networks claim that it “has very improved functionality” compared to its competitor, but despite the fact that Telegram appears as an amazing alternative with more than 500 million downloads, WhatsApp is outdone by more than 5,000 million.