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Explore an ancient river on Mars with the Perseverance rover

Explore an ancient river on Mars with the Perseverance rover

Image of Jezero Crater on Mars -NASA

Madrid, January 3 (European Press) –

After 1,000 days of Mars exploration, NASA's Perseverance rover is studying rocks that show several eras in Mars' history. A billion-year-old river delta.

Scientists are investigating this region of Mars, known as Jezero Crater, To see if they can find evidence of ancient life recorded in rocks.

NASA offers a guided tour of a richly detailed panoramic view of the rover's position in November 2023, captured by the Mastcam-Z instrument.

It consists of 993 individual images and 2.38 billion pixels, This mosaic is 360 degrees It looks in all directions from a place the rover's science team calls “Airey Hill.”

Parts of the same vehicle appear in the scene and appear more distorted towards the edges as a result of image processing.

Color enhancement applied to an image increases contrast and highlights color differences. By approximating what the scene would look like under Earth-like lighting conditions, the modification allows mission scientists to use their everyday experiences to interpret the scene. The appearance of Mars will be darker and redder, NASA reports.

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