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Philippe Coutinho en un partido del Barça

Everton has offered to sign Coutinho this summer

Philip Coutinho You are having difficulty recovering in the knee It was confirmed that he would not play again this season. The midfielder was expected to return to the field in the first or second week of April, but that was not possible. The Brazilian has undergone surgery twice since his first and last intervention and has made it clear that he will not return until next season.

This is a problem for the Catalans, they want to make money with him at the end of the season. The F.C.B He was counting on the former Liverpool player to prove himself at the end of the season in a match to raise his value, but the opposite would happen. “14” goes down more with each passing day without playing This will have a direct impact on his possible departure, as there will be no strong offers for him.

In Europe they know Barcelona is crazy to sell him to Rio de Janeiro and that they can agree to move him down, so the news provided by the English newspaper “The Sun” is not surprising. Everton will be interested in taking over the international “Canarinho” this summer, even though they don’t want to go crazy for him. Apparently, the Toffee Show will be around 40 million euros.

The The Toymaker’s current market value is only 40 kilograms, So it’s really an offer that’s more than acceptable. The problem is that in January 2018 the Catalan team paid him 120 million, and since then they have paid out about 20 goals against 140 goals already. It was an important figure.

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If the Catalans agree to sell it for 40 million, they will definitely lose money. Operation Cou is really devastating, but selling it for that money will only make it worse. However, the truth is that Barcelona need money to fight the serious economic crisis at the club and move to Rio for that amount may be the lesser of two evils. What’s more, With him, more than 10 kilograms will go to each paychecker until 2023, when the contract will expire.

Coutinho’s knee is the key to his departure

It will be crucial to see how all of this will end and whether Everton is truly willing to pay that money for the previous ‘network’. While in Brazil the player is recovering from knee surgery and does not know when he will return to Spain. How you recover and the condition of your joint may also depend on your gaitNo one will want to sign a footballer who is not 100% of his fitness.