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Emotional well-being and healthy eating, new challenges for Maz to take care of its employees

Emotional well-being and healthy eating, new challenges for Maz to take care of its employees

Emotional well-being and healthy eating, new challenges for Maz to take care of its employees

The most repeated Latin expression for centuries “Sana’s Man in Corpor Sano” It is a premise that MAZ wants to expand to its entire workforce and soon to its joint venture companies. This is why the Mutual Society has launched several actions to raise awareness of the importance of a good diet, as well as several tools to take care of emotional well-being.

MAZ realizes that prof A healthy and balanced diet contribute to Improve physical and mental health In addition, influencing important benefits for health and preventing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and others. For this reason, it has created the “Healthy Eating” space, where the eating style based on the Mediterranean diet is proposed to the team of professionals.

Throughout the year, you can find a total of 54 menus corresponding to each day of the week to facilitate the nutrition program, with shopping cart, recipe and cookery for each dish, as well as allergens and nutritional information. They are healthy, balanced menus with different food intake “designed for the general public, prepared by nutrition experts and with an allergen review in case it is necessary to remove any ingredient from the recipe for people with intolerances,” they explain from the MAZ Special Prevention Service.

They recommend from MAZ that if you suffer from any ailment, consult your physician in case of any additional restrictions.

On the other hand, emotional well-being becomes one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining life satisfaction.

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Today we know that psychosocial conditions are increasing, and the prevalence of mental disorders is between 25 and 30% in the population, but despite their frequency, many cases are not diagnosed or are not adequately treated for various reasons.

“From MAZ we consider it appropriate to emphasize actions to care for the emotional well-being of the workforce as a measure to complement health care and we are providing a new space for all our employees to care for emotional well-being by developing various resources, such as self-testing and videos,” states the Own Prevention Service.

space “emotional well-being” It contains tools that allow the user to track potential emotional risks that may affect personal well-being and act accordingly if they wish.

This space includes a psychological self-assessment test for depression, with no intention of replacing any existing treatment; Audiovisual Meditation, Jacobson Audiovisual Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Audiovisual Guided Breathing, 2 mindfulness courses: initial and advanced level, 2 webinars and various tips on emotional well-being.

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