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Emirates Airlines is betting on Apple and becoming the airline you want to fly on

Emirates Airlines is betting on Apple and becoming the airline you want to fly on

Emirates Airlines, the carrier known for its commitment to luxury and excellence, has launched its new flight.”deviceProviding more than 20,000 cabin crew members with Apple devices. We will tell you what this movement on the part of the company consists of.

This project saw an investment of more than 32 million dirhams (8.7 million euros) last year, changing the way the airline serves its passengers as well as the way the team is equipped.

What is the Emirates Airlines inclusion program for Apple?

One Device wants to make a difference and innovate with on-board technology. More than 7,000 Emirates crew members will be equipped with iPhones on all 450 daily flights within its global daily network. This move reflects the commitment to provide passengers with a seamless and technologically personalized experience. Emirates could have chosen any other brand or ecosystem, but its final choice was Apple.

By integrating Apple technology into their daily routine, cabin crew can provide a more personalized service, more efficiently and accurately.

Emirates has in the past demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality services by working closely with internal IT teams to develop customized applications based on traveler feedback. These bespoke apps are designed to enhance various aspects of the in-flight experience, such as simplifying ordering meals in business class or providing up-to-date information about flight connectivity and schedule.

The truth is that this new strategy goes beyond simply improving the passenger experience; It also aims to improve cabin crew performance and safety. Emirates Airlines ensures that its crew members receive 24-hour support. They will also have access to ongoing training on how to use these devices. A commitment to ongoing training and support ensures that passengers are in capable and knowledgeable hands throughout their journey. Technology, after all, is just a tool that users must learn how to use if we want to get the most out of it.

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Emirates is betting big, but it’s not the only airline using Apple devices

Emirates is not the only major airline to realize the benefits of integrating Apple technology into its operations. In 2021, American Airlines It announced its plan to replace all mobile devices used by front-line employees, including flight attendants and maintenance staff, with new iPhone and iPad models. united Airlines, One of the world’s largest airlines has already deployed more than 120,000 Apple devices among its 85,000 employees. The company has created custom apps for iPhone and iPad, tailored to meet the specific needs of each department within the airline.

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