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Emergency hacks you didn’t know about to get rid of car crashes

When it comes to car breakdowns, it helps to have a few emergency tricks up your sleeve to get you out of trouble. Here are some tips you may not be aware of:

1.- Battery problems

If you find yourself with a dead battery and no jumper wires, you can try to push the car if it’s on a downhill slope. Once you have enough speed, try to start the engine in second gear by quickly releasing the clutch.

Car with dead battery / Image: Shutterstock.
Credit: Shutterstock

2.- Coolant leakage

If you have a leak in your cooling system and you can’t get to a nearby garage, you can improvise a temporary solution. Mix water with some sealant product and add to the coolant. This can help seal the leak temporarily and allow you to get to a safe place for proper repairs.

3.- Flat tyres

If you have a flat tire and you don’t have an air pump, you can use a spray foam tire sealant that often comes with emergency repair kits. This product can inflate tires enough to get you to a nearby store.

Punched frame / Image: Shutterstock.
Credit: Shutterstock | Clash

4.- Window stuck

If you have a window that is stuck and won’t open or close, you can try dampening a cloth in hot water and wiping it around the windowsill. This can loosen any dirt or debris causing the problem and allow you to move the window.

5.- The central lock is blocked

If the central locking of the doors does not work, you can try spraying a little lubricant on the locking mechanism or on the switch itself. This can help mitigate any blockages and allow the system to function properly.

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Remember that these are emergency, temporary repairs and are not a substitute for proper repairs performed by a professional. It is important to seek professional help as soon as possible for safe and effective troubleshooting.


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