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An aunt writes her nephew’s name on the lottery ticket for good luck, but he demands to share the million dollar prize

An aunt writes her nephew’s name on the lottery ticket for good luck, but he demands to share the million dollar prize

Barbara Reddick sued her nephew in 2018 after winning the $912,000 jackpot. and that is The lottery player wrote her relative’s name next to her own on the ticket for good luck.

Riddick bought a Chase the Ace lottery ticket in Nova Scotia, Canada. The woman wrote her name on the ticket and decided to add her nephew’s name as well for good luck.

However, once his nephew became aware of his aunt’s victory, he demanded that he share the prize with him.

Generally, lotteries advise owners of winning tickets to write their names on the back, so only the owners can collect them.

So, by entering her nephew’s name, the aunt basically validated him as the owner of the ticket with her.

The two argued about this, and actually went to collect the award and threatened each other with lawsuits.

and that is The woman said that while standing with her giant check at the lottery offices, she told her nephew she would see him in court..

“It was my ticket. I bought the ticket and now he’s trying to lie and say I asked to split (the prize). I’ll take it to court. Tomorrow I’ll get a lawyer,” she added.

“I luckily put his name on the ticket because he was like a son to me,” he added.

The woman told reporters she was willing to split the money from the smaller draw, but not the nearly $1 million jackpot.

In September 2018, the aunt and her nephew reached a legal agreement.

In the deal, Reddick took the lion’s share of the jackpot, amounting to $651,563..

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On the other hand, his nephew received the remaining $261,330 from the award, according to The Sun US.

Both are satisfied with the terms of the agreement. Riddick’s lawyer said in a statement that a mutual agreement was reached to avoid further legal action and bring this matter to a final conclusion.

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