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Elon Musk afirma que Tesla cometió "errores significativos" en su proyecto de techos solares

Elon Musk claims that Tesla made “serious mistakes” with his solar roof project


April 27, 2021 03:39 GMT

The announcement comes amid claims after the company raised the price of some of its power generation and storage products by more than 100%.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk said Monday that his company has made “big mistakes” in its ambitious solar roof project, called Solar Roof, which has caused delays and cost overruns. Report the edge.

During a conference call with investors, Musk indicated that the company is still trying to meet the huge demand for its invention, but efforts must still be made to expand distribution. Tesla’s power generation products division is said It is not profitable Although sales of $ 494 million were reported in the first quarter of 2021.

This announcement comes amid complaints from some angry customers that the company increased the price of its solar roofs at the time of installation, an increase of more than 100% compared to the price initially announced. A consumer claimed to have paid $ 35,000 for the contract and received an email shortly after indicating that the cost was now $ 75,000.

According to Musk, the cost can be two to three times higher if there are bumps or structural problems on the surface. Tesla had difficulty “assessing the difficulty of some surfaces” and The complexity of ceilings varies greatly.The billionaire explained, stressing that the money is being compensated for customers who are unwilling to pay the price increase.

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Last week, the head of Tesla, too ad That your solar panels and solar panels will be sold as an integrated product with your Powerwall battery.

Tesla already announced its technology for this type of product in 2016. The so-called solar fabric consists of separate tiles, with integrated solar panels, that transfer the combined energy to a battery, which in turn supplies the voltage of a transformer to convert it into alternating current. At the end of last year, Mask He suggested Tesla’s next “killer product” will be the Solar Roof, but it looks like it will take more time to achieve the goals.