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El Salvador condemns plan to oust Nayeb Bugel by enemies |  AlMomento.net

El Salvador condemns plan to oust Nayeb Bugel by enemies | AlMomento.net

Naeeb Bukhele.

San Salvador, December 22 (Prenza Latina) The Movement for Civil Resistance (MRC) is seeking the impeachment of Nayeb Bukele, even if the candidate wins the February 4, 2024 presidential election, the media reported today.
Before adopting a new mandate, the opposition plans to get more delegates to remove Bugel, Diario El Salvador summarized this Friday.

Citizens' opposition, which is bringing businessman Joel Humberto Sánchez to the presidential race with no political experience in the country and trades with affiliates in the United States, Mexico and El Salvador, plans to avoid it if the opposition gains a majority in the legislature. The New Ideas candidate will be crowned on June 1, a month before his inauguration on May 1.

President of the MRC, Ronald Umana, proposes to the opposition candidates to take up this measure in the next Legislative Assembly's installation session, i.e. May 1, 2024.

If they have a majority (of representatives), the first thing I propose is the impeachment of Nayeb Bookel, Umana told ARENA candidate Jacqueline Benét in a virtual meeting, according to the Diario El Salvador edition.

Umana then asks Bennett if he would support a motion to remove Bukele, to which the candidate replied “of course yes,” the outlet indicated.

Nuevas Ideas (NI) presidential candidate Bukele is the favorite to win next February's presidential election, with polls giving him more than 60 percent of the vote.

After the Constitutional Chamber's ruling, the head of state is seeking re-election, which would immediately enable the re-election of the president, which the opposition described as questionable and unconstitutional.

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Various opinion polls insist that the president's party should win a majority of seats in the legislature, although some sources highlight that the party may vote against punishment for violating the Magna Carta, although the Bookel effect confirms the trend in favor. of his followers.

Some analysts believe that it will be difficult for NI not to achieve a majority in 31 of the 60 contested seats, especially when they even control the election campaign.

This Friday, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Eugenio Chicas in an interview program Frente a Frente, the government and the NI party control 90 percent of election advertising, which is supported by the dissemination of media and works. They take office and pay taxes to support their candidates.

Also, because political loan funds are not paid to competing organizations, which violate laws, these groups in most cases do not have the funds to finance their campaigns.