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Driver slapped for migrant smuggling

Driver slapped for migrant smuggling

The U.S. Border Patrol announced this weekend the first case in the El Paso sector of a new U.S. policy of revoking visas for transporters caught with undocumented immigrants.

The case involved a Mexican driving a semi-trailer truck who secretly transported 13 people without the necessary documents to live in the United States.

“Mexican driver will be prosecuted and his cross-border visa revoked for smuggling” declared The El Paso Department of the Border Patrol after the arrest in Las Cruces.

Visa cancellations for transporting immigrants from Mexico to the United States

According to a new article in the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, the policy took effect on February 21, 2024, and limits visas to owners, executives and employees of air, ground and transportation companies that provide services to people. with intent to immigrate irregularly to the United States.

The newly implemented policy will apply to charter flights from Cuba to Nicaragua in November 2023, US federal officials said in a virtual press conference.

“We are in conversation with our partners throughout the region about this new policy and charter flights from Cuba to Managua, not for tourism, but for people who want to migrate to the United States; “We are evaluating each transit agency to determine whether they are using their services to facilitate irregular migration,” said Eric Jacobstein, the State Department's deputy assistant secretary for Central America.

Despite these restrictions, several flights depart daily from Cuba to Nicaragua, always with one-way tickets and no return. Something Havana airport officials know too.