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Drake Bell has been arrested for sending harmful materials to the palace

Drake Bell has been arrested for sending harmful materials to the palace

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Famous American singer and actor Drake Bell was arrested in Ohio After being accused Posting harmful materials to minors, as well as by Try to put children at risk, according to information from the TMZ portal.

police Cleveland Show a picture of the protagonist of the series’Drake Way JoshDuring your stay in prison; He was blamed for having inappropriate conversations (Even of a sexual nature) with a minor in December 2017, when he showed up in town to give a concert.

The translator Not guilty s issued After paying a fine of From the 500 dollars; He should return to court on June 23, and for now the authorities have ordered him not to contact the alleged victim.

Accused of physical and verbal abuse

Previously Melissa Lingavelt, known on social media as Jimi Ono, has indicated that he contains He physically and verbally abused her, the accusations that Bell also denied.

When I say verbal abuse, Imagine the worst kind of verbal abuse You can imagine it and that’s what I received. Later become a physicistAnd the Hitting, throwing things, everything. On the cusp of this, is drag me down the stairs From our home in Los Feliz (California), My face was hitting every step. “I have pictures of this,” Lingavelt said.

At the moment, the 34-year-old artist, which has become especially popular in our country due to the success of the series, which was broadcast in Nickelodeon Between 2004 and 2007, she did not comment on the matter.

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