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David Feitelson and Andre Marin: How did ‘So-and-so’ Lewis get here?  |  You want Liga MX

David Feitelson and Andre Marin: How did ‘So-and-so’ Lewis get here? | You want Liga MX

Analysts You would like toDavid Vitelson and Andre Marin strongly criticized the level of Potosinos, who previously eliminated Monterrey, which is second in the general table.

Marin agreed that it was one of the most lopsided and boring semifinal matches due to America’s extensive dominance.

“Mr. Lille, who started inventing strange things in a league match and semi-final when a more cohesive lineup had to be formed to compete with America,” Marin added.

He said: “Were there doubts about the refereeing? No, today the referee did not help America. The day that helped America was Saint Louis. They did not appear on the field.”

Marin replied that as a result, “we don’t know what America’s reality is in this league; Lyon has made things more complicated for them.”

Feitelson and Marin also explained that Atletico San Luis’s performance also highlights the level of… MontereyFrom which they were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

“The result was very humiliating, it’s a shame. I don’t know what San Luis did to beat Monterrey or what Monterrey achieved because this result makes Tano Ortiz’s team even more clear,” commented Vettelson.

Looking ahead to the final rematch at the Estadio Azteca, he added that America “could field the Under-23s on Saturday – which they won’t – but the reality is that the series is set… What we can promise is ‘there will be more opposition whether Tigres or Pumas.”

The semi-final match between Tigres and Pumas will be held on Thursday at the Olimpico Universitario Stadium, while the return match will be held on Sunday in Monterrey.

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