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Dad protects his 11-year-old son from bullies, the group beats him and is now dying

Protects son attacked by bullies Now Your life is in danger. Alan Wilson, 46, British man, He is hospitalized in a coma at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Prieton, South London, after helping son 11 Victimized by bullies.

Read more> He violates the curfew order, and the police force him to do 300 squats, the 28-year-old dies the next day

The boy had called his father The group of children, all of the minorities, asked for help after he was persecuted. The parents intervened on the spot, but at that point the pack unleashed its violence and brutally beat the 46-year-old who was left in a pool of blood on the street before fleeing. All five boys were not intimidated by an adult They continued to beat him as he lay on the ground without strength before the eyes of the 11-year-old boy.

The person was taken to hospital Very gentle emergency brain surgery was performed by a helicopter. “He is fighting for his life with multiple brain hemorrhagesHis wife Annie told local newspapers, but feared he might have suffered permanent damage. Dad reported several fractures, including lung trauma and some spinal injuries.

Those who thanked the young son for his testimony were identifiedI allowed the police 5 minors should be arrested Now the accused with serious injuries e Attempted murder. However, all were released, precisely because of their young age, but were barred from meeting.

Last Updated: Friday 9 April 2021, 23:08

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