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Greece’s famous crime journalist Giorgos Carivas hanged in front of his house: “Silent by bullets”

Killed with Six shootings In front of his house, advertising Alimos, A suburb Athens, Probably from Two men on a scooter. He died like that Giorgos Carivas, A Greek television journalist who specializes in crime news, shocked the country. Now it’s the hunt for those in charge of checkpoints across Attica.

As soon as he got out of the car, a few meters away from the door, Carivas was attacked by a motorcyclist as an empty point: Six times, Police said they found it on the spot 17 cases, According to the Greek media. Forensics are now examining these findings to see if the weapon used in this murder appeared to be any other criminal act. The first respondents saw Karaivas lying on the asphalt, Already lifeless. Witnesses are being questioned and videos Cameras Is in the area, but so far no trace of the killers. Investigators believe he was in ambush, according to local media Carefully prepared, With hit men who know the reporter’s habits.

Karaivas, who was well known to television viewers for his reports on ‘black’, was returning home after attending a broadcast on the station about the work of the police. Star. Its name is specifically associated with a multiform ring Corruption This includes many things Policemen, Lawyers legal Business men With a revenue of six zeros, a former MP was also involved Ring (Right-wing party and former ally of SYRIZA) and entrepreneurs Dimitris Malamas, Murdered in an October 2019 ad Athens With 18 shots di kalashnikov.

The journalist is married and the father of a young man, he worked in TV for many years Ant1, Before moving on Star, And was a contributor to the newspaper Eltiferous typos. Social media was immediately flooded with condolence messages and the journalist’s personal website, bloko.gr, The reporter’s collaborators wrote, “Giorgos Caraivas is no longer with us. Someone has decided Silence him with bullets To stop writing his essays. He was hanged in front of his house. Those who have collaborated with him over the years, those who have shared wine with him under his guidance during difficult times, those who have been honored by his friendship, these are the most difficult hours. “

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“It simply came to our notice then. Authorities are already investigating the case to arrest the culprits and bring them to justice. We offer our condolences and condolences to his family, “said a government spokesman. Peloni in Aristotle.

Even if there is a fire accident or carnage against the headquarters Media Most common in Greece, journalists are rarely targeted. Last July, the news owner Stephanos Sios He was shot by a man with a closed face, but he survived. The forerunner of the investigative journalist is the best role model Socrates Geolity, Killed in 2010, according to public television Net He worked on an investigation The facts of corruption. An extreme left group claimed responsibility for the killings, but the case was never settled.