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Customers reported that they did not receive funds on their bank cards

Customers reported that they did not receive funds on their bank cards

Although the financial company Cimex SA announced more than a week ago that it had begun depositing money transfers sent to bank cards in Cuba, many customers have not yet received their money.

Barbara Rodriguez, one of the affected users, expressed her frustration, saying: “I don't know who is going to answer me, but I need some answer. Since the 29th they have been sending me a money transfer through Small World FS and these are the holy hours that I do not receive pesos.” Rodriguez also mentioned The Central Bank of Cuba and the Metropolitan Bank in its complaint.

“They said all late remittances will be disbursed on Friday, but I still see people demanding their money and I am among them. We need to know where our money is because we need it. I'm tired of writing or even reading letters. He added: “They blocked me via email, and the question is: How long should I wait?”

Eva Sahai Teshome, another affected customer, shared her experience: “Since January 26 and nothing has happened yet, I already have cramps in my fingers due to consulting Transfermóvil so much.”

Fincimex has not yet responded publicly to these or other concerns.

Money transfers to Cuba

Small World, one of the platforms still receiving complaints, has decided to suspend shipments to Cuba until “Banking incident“On the island. However, this week he announced his return, which means the problems have been solved.

The company said in a statement on Facebook content: “We have restarted transfer service to Cuba. Most transfers sent before the service outage have been processed and will arrive at their destination soon. At this time, AIS card payments have been temporarily suspended.

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“After more than a month of problems, they sent me money and the page says it was deposited to the MLC card, but in reality nothing arrived. “The person who sent the money actually submits the claim, but you tell him the money was deposited which is not true, and it didn't even arrive at the MLC On my card,” one person complained to this platform.

All this time, Fincimex did not specify what problems with money transfers to Cuba caused the money transfer giant, Western Union, to once again suspend transfers to the island. In scattered responses to customers, they talked about “integration tests with banking services” and “linking shipments to bank accounts.”

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