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Cubans condemn irregularities in online store deliveries

Cubans condemn irregularities in online store deliveries

Social network users denounced the poor quality of the products they receive from online stores, where family members, in a major economic effort, send food products to Cuba.

The Internet user wrote: “Please, I want someone to answer me regarding a box from a shipment that I received, and it contained 10 bones without meat. This is the picture.” Anais Hernandez In the Facebook group “Supermarket23 – Shop shipping to Cuba from anywhere in the world.”

Capture Facebook / Anais Hernandez

In the photo shared, the complainant left photographic evidence of a box containing several meatless chicken bones, from a purchased package, which she also showed.

The shipping company responded to the complaint, although such errors do not appear to be uncommon in its work, according to subsequent comments.

“These inconveniences are the result of an error that occurred at the processing plant, which caused the quality of the product to deteriorate,” the justification was given. But how does an error of this kind explain the arrival of ten chicken bones to their recipients meatless?

Capture from Facebook/Supermarket23

In the comments section of the post, the woman received support from netizens who expressed that this shipping agency has reduced the quality of the products it provides.

“Pretend it's too expensive” was one of the pieces of advice they gave women.

Another person said they had an issue with missing products in an order a couple of months ago. “It took a while for them to respond, but after several emails they returned the money, meaning the solution was to put the value of the box into my Supermarket23.com account. This is not the most correct, but it was a solution in the end,” he commented.

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Capture from Facebook/Supermarket23

To those who commented that it was a mistake and supported the delivery person's response, another user replied: “Whose fault? Can you believe that in a place where there is no need to steal there are cameras everywhere?” Is some cannery everywhere going to start removing the meat from some chicken thighs? They don't even believe it themselves.”

One user also mentioned that “something similar happened to her friend with sugar, it was delivered to her repackaged with trash inside.”

Capture from Facebook/Supermarket23

“I think so. They brought me a bunch of crackers that look like they were made of glass, the kind they sell in the markets. I see the posts full of praise, oh, and the really bad pork they sell in the markets.” “I think they are the ones themselves who are spreading these wonders, and I don’t want them.” To send me anything there,” another user commented.

The post that already has more than 100 comments where Cubans told their stories with this online store.

While these stores try to serve as a source of comfort for the Cuban who has family abroad, the physical ones In Cuba, supplies are in short supply and people no longer know where to buy basic necessities And it's all you really need to survive, between scarcity, inflation and currency devaluation.