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Coronavirus |  The study finds that the Pfizer vaccine protects more than 95% of COVID-19

Coronavirus | The study finds that the Pfizer vaccine protects more than 95% of COVID-19

The Serum from Pfizer / Biontech It provides over 95% protection against infection, hospitalization, and death from Covid-19According to a study published on Wednesday in the journal The scalpel Based on data from the vaccination campaign for Israel, Who managed this setting only.

This analysis, based on confidential national data and collected between January 24 and April 3, 2021, is key to the trail pandemicSince the effectiveness of a public vaccination campaign in an entire country became exposed for the first time with large-scale population data.

According to the action, a double dose of Pfizer / Bioetec It has been shown to be “highly effective” in all age groups – from 16 to 85 years old – in preventing asymptomatic and asymptomatic virus infection, as well as in hospitalization and death from disease.

Effective at all ages

Protection against Covid-19 The study reports that it is “strong” among the elderly as it is among younger adults.

Analyzes show that the vaccine among people over the age of 85 protects them in 94.1% of infections, hospitalization in 96.9% and death in 97%. Covid-19. For their part, vaccinated adults between the ages of 16 and 44 avoided infection in 96.1% of cases, and death in 100% of cases.

Use of the vaccine Pfizer / Bioetec BNT162b2 was licensed to 6.5 million residents of Israel in December 2020, following laboratory results among those over the age of 16, at which time the predominant strain was British (B117).

After more than a year of the outbreak, the Corona Virus It caused more than 131 million cases and more than 2.8 million deaths globally, according to data beginning in April 2021.

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Israel 232268 cases were registered; 7,694 hospitalizations and 1,113 deaths due to Covid-19 During the analysis period reflected in the study: between January and April 2021.

On the day of its conclusion, April 3, 72.1% of the population of Israel had already received at least one of the two doses of the drug. Serum, Being the country with the highest percentage of vaccinated population worldwide.

For this reason, the report’s lead author and Health Ministry member, Sharon Allroy Press, acknowledged this Israel It provides a “unique and real opportunity to determine effectiveness.” Serum And monitoring the broad public health effects of the vaccination campaign. “

These results therefore indicate that vaccination against Covid-19 It can help control the epidemic, as it happened in Israel.

However, the study authors caution that this data should not be “generalized”, taking into account the differences in vaccination campaigns between countries, as well as the evolution of the pandemic and the emergence of new strains in the future, which may cause differences in the percentage. In effectiveness Serum.

Medical advisor for the vaccination department Pfizer On United StateMore data on efficacy, Louis Godard, emphasized that it was “urgently needed” Pfizer / Bioetec It concluded that it is against “dangerous diseases” and “deaths”, as they will be “vital” when tackling the epidemic.

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