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COP26: 80 countries agree to reduce methane emissions, which contribute strongly to global warming. Univision Planetta News

President Joe Biden has apologized to world leaders at the Glasgow Climate Change Summit.

“America is not only back at the (negotiation) table, but at the forefront with the power of our model,” President Biden said.

“I know it’s not like that, which is why my management is working overtime to prove that our climate commitment is action, not words.”

Then, on a small occasion, Biden apologized directly.

“I think I should not apologize, but I apologize to the United States for withdrawing from the Paris Agreement during the last administration,” the president said, referring to the 2015 global agreement reached in the French capital. Attack the problem of climate change.

Trump, in response to calls from more conservative sectors that deny climate change and mitigate environmental damage that they believe will harm the US economy, removed the United States from the Paris Agreement.

Biden did so without mentioning his predecessor, former President Trump, although he did refer to the previous administration. The president acknowledged that the United States has not been active in the fight against climate change in the past, despite being one of the world’s largest emitters (along with China).

In the same speech, Biden announced the launch of the “Presidential Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Recession” to tackle climate change.

The summit is considered one of the most important and important climate summits trying to reverse the course of the climate disaster.

Biden warned that climate change was already “wreaking havoc on the world.”