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Elías Báez afirma Ley de Extinción de Dominio puede perseguir “bienes ilícitos del pasado”

Confirms Domain Confiscation Law Can Sue ‘Loonie From The Past’

vice for Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and Vice President of Bicameral Commission Examining Domain Extinction LawAnd the Elijah Bayesconfirmed that this law can Pursue illegally acquired assets in the past.

“An illicit good obtained in the past and you own it today, it is still an illicit good. If the law comes into force immediately then it is approved in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution; If the purpose is to persecute the illegal assets, the law can take the assets obtained illegally in the past. The goods are still illegal, they exist at present and the law has entered into force; He says I’m the law I chase illegal goods“, He said.

By participating in space TODAY TVElias Baez called the residents to calm down because he is with Domain Confiscation Law You can chase what yours “They stole in the past”.

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“I still We’ve removed hindsight If the origins of the past can be persecuted, (…) Article 7 of the law states that all Acts of unlawful origin (…) People should understand that if the law can prosecute assets that were stolen in the past“, pointed out Bayes.

Representative Elias Baez with journalist and “HOY TV” presenter, Joel Soiro (Photo: Kevin Reyes).

There was no pressure from the United States

About the alleged comments pressure from the United States to approve Domain Confiscation LawThe Representative Elias Bayes He denied this and stressed that the project is part of the international agreements he signed. dominican republic to chase Organized crime and corruption.

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“The United States is one of the other countries that have an agreement that we ratify to stop international crime that affects everyone (…) No, all countries that have the Convention against Corruption and Organized Crime have signed it, including the United States of America.“, He said.

It’s not a question of interference, it’s a matter of us signing a treaty that obliges us to enact the law, and in fact it is in the constitution in Article 51 when it states that the state must take care to exclude goods that come from an illegal source The legislator added that the state cannot preserve a right, nor is it a unified right if the product of the commodity is a crime.”

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Recall that the president Louis Abenader Cent last Thursday Field Extinction Law 340-22in the verb in National Palace In which he declared, “In this country whoever does it pays, and whoever steals will return what he stole. It is that simple and powerful.”