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Club World Cup: Felipe Melo accuses Grealish of disrespect

Club World Cup: Felipe Melo accuses Grealish of disrespect

The Brazilian explains the altercation he had at the end of the title match against Manchester City.

The victory of Manchester city to Fluminense (4-0) in last Follower clubs World Cup It ended with a fight between the players. Felipe Melo He was about to fight with Kyle Walker.

After the match, the midfielder explained what happened in the mixed area.

“I have already spoken here. Sorry for the strong words, but I already see a lot of nonsense, as if against Gremio, I started the disturbance. I did not cause any trouble, I simply defended Martinelli. That young man Grealish It's disrespectful. He's a great player, he plays for the national team, but he was disrespectful and started shouting 'Ole' at the end. Of course all our players were angry when the game ended Grealish He chose a lesser player, and chose Martinelli. And when he saw it coming Felipe Melo “She started playing the victim,” he said. Milo.

“We had great games this season. We won 10-0 in the Copa Sudamericana last year and we always respected them. We beat our biggest rival 4-1 and we always respect them. We beat one of the biggest clubs in the world. World, River Plate, 5 -1, and we always respected that. We won the final with Boca Juniors and we always respected them. So the least you have to do is respect them. If suddenly there is a bad influence you have to do “What I did to defend my teammates and the organization, I will always do. “No one will disrespect the organization I work for, no one will disrespect my players, and no one will brag about my players,” he explained.

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How did the quarrel start?

The origin of the brawl was a play in the 44th minute shortly after Phil Foden scored the Englishman's fourth goal. Jack Grealish He received the ball on the left wing and after passing the ball, Martinelli shot it.

The Brazilian left his body on the Englishman after he got rid of the ball. After the final whistle, Grealish He went on to tackle Martinelli and Felipe Melo He quickly appeared to defend his partner.

The same thing happened with Walker, who stood in front of him PhilipAnd they both pushed each other. Grealish He was behind the captain of the plane city He continued to face the defender Fluminense.

A member of the club's technical staff city He also tried to calm down Grealish He pushed him out of the way, and the confusion cleared on the field of play.

After payments, Felipe Melo He spoke cordially with Guardiola and attended the medal and cup ceremony with his teammates.