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Closing day of the educational innovation project “Cencia la Grande” – ULL

On June 11, 2023, A.J Final day of the Ciencia a la Grande project On the premises of the Museum of Science and the Universe. The aim is to conduct a group analysis of the school interventions, as well as the previous training courses taken by the teachers. What has been learned will be evaluated by visiting some units of the Museum, and ending with the handing over of diplomas.

The educational project “Ciencia a la Grande” seeks to facilitate the teaching and learning of experimental sciences; Chemistry, geology and astronomy. In elementary education, making teachers aware of the basic general functioning of the physical world that surrounds us, through the use of the concept of the great ideas of science. In order to teach them how to arrange the courseware associated with the natural sciences into a few big ideas of science to facilitate the connection of concepts and ideas.

It is an initiative promoted by the Education and Youth Service of Cabildo de Tenerife, the University of La Laguna, through the College of Education and Cienci @ ULL, and the Museum of Science and the Universe.

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