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Canelo Alvarez scored him in the Guinness Book of Records alongside his six boxing brothers

Canelo Alvarez scored him in the Guinness Book of Records alongside his six boxing brothers

Courage, effort and dedication in the family. Sal lvarez Barragan He grew up from the bosom of a family as boxing ran through his veins: Seven boys, all of whom are glove lovers; So a story CaneloThe Mexican boxer who is on his way to carve his name in the history of the boxing world.

Seven grandchildren devoted themselves to boxing, and the oldest of them paved the way for the rest to follow, however Rigoberto Alvarez “The Spaniard”, I never imagined that the youngest might reach unimaginable levels in a family Alvarez Pargan.

News that there is a file Boxer family In the humble JuanacatlanAnd the JaliscoI immediately caught the attention of a local businessman who had an idea Gather the seven brothers together on the same job, Which crystallized on June 28, 2008 and had a result that very few could imagine: A Guinness record for having the most siblings fighting in the same role.

It was the billboard that night Rigoberto “The Spanish”And the Daniel “the Count”And the Ricardo “Dynamite”And the Gonzalo “the lion”And the Victor “Matador”And the Ramon “innocent” s Saúl “El Canelo”; Not all of them came out with their fists raised for the job, but the one who did is who today is considered the best pound in the world.

What happened to the brothers Canelo Alvarez?

After that night he entered The Guinness Book of Records And that meant that each of them fought professionally, Rigoberto Continued in the world of boxing until He was crowned world welterweight champion in 2010, Later withdrew; Daniel s Gonzalo They had their first appearance and goodbye. Ricardo He hasn’t fought since 2014’s Victor He fought two more battles, to no avail.

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For this part, Ramon “innocent” He’s still active, he’s actually having a competition with one of his sons Julio Cesar Chávez, How is that Omar, with who Will meet again on June 19, In the job that Caesar boxing will say goodbye From the exhibition competitions in Jalisco Stadium.