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By beating Union La Calera, Flamengo leads Group G of Copa Libertadores and Lega de Quito in second place |  Football  Sports

By beating Union La Calera, Flamengo leads Group G of Copa Libertadores and Lega de Quito in second place | Football Sports

The attacking ferocity of Gabigol, Arasquita and Bruno Enrique toppled the Chilean team.

France Press agency

Flamengo beat Chilean club Union La Calera 4-1 on Tuesday to establish themselves as the sole leader of Group G in the 2021 Copa Libertadores.

Stellar gunner Gabigol, with a pleasant shot after playing a slate in 31 and a cross in 79, Giorgian de Arasquita in 34 and Pedro in 85 with a superb goal was responsible for resolving the duel. He dominated well part of “Mengao”.

The attacking ferocity of Gabigole, Arasquita and Bruno Henrique eliminated the conservative style of the Chilean “cement workers” in the first half, which they lost in the second half with a goal by Sebastian Sees in the 57th minute.

With this result, Flamengo, the Libertadores champion in 2019 and one of the favorites to lift the trophy in this edition, leads Group G alone, with six points in the two rounds played so far.

Cement, this year’s junior in Libertadores, was in the penultimate position by one point, ahead of Velez Sarsfield which closes without units.

Wanting to prolong the good image they left on the first day of their draw against the Quito League, the Chileans jumped in a conservative manner (4-4-2) to block the clear technical and tactical superiority of “Mingao”.

At first, they sealed in very well, and were able to silence the frantic attack of Gabigol and his comrades.

But it was a matter of time. The magnificent triangulation initiated by Gerson and accompanied by Arasquita in Gabigol shoes, which he scored of his own will, began.

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The goal forced the Chileans to open up, and after four minutes they were surprised in the local stadium with a counterattack that culminated in Arsquita with Bruno Henrique’s pass.


Everything indicates that the second half will be another outing for the Cariocas.

But Luca Marcogiuseppe made two changes and the Chileans returned to the field wanting to challenge. Their position changed completely, and they began to touch the ball more, to create danger, and the Brazilians relaxed, sometimes faltering in defense.

Even Simon Ramirez scored an assist, the kind that breaks the line of defense by millimeters. Saez was unchecked, moving forward quickly and defeating Diego Alves with a shot from the right foot.

After the goal, it was difficult for Rogerio Ceni’s men to regain their pace and Gabigol missed two chances. The Chileans continued to press, and were close to a draw in another defensive mistake by Cariocas.

In 67, ‘Fla’ claimed a play in which Gabigol was pushed and denied a header into a poisoned center that was to be ended by a goal. But due to the lack of a video assistant referee in the group stage, there was no review.

After that, the Brazilian champion regained his energy and came in second to Gabigol (his 14th goal in 19 matches for Flamengo in Libertadores).

And he gave the crowd a wonderful goal from Pedro, culminating in a quick counterattack with dribbling and a shot on goalkeeper Arias. (Dr)