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Boston Dynamics robots perform parkour-style leaps

Boston Dynamics robots perform parkour-style leaps

Boston Dynamics just showed off its new robot skills in a video atlas. It’s an important advance, because it could lead to more dangerous moves, beyond those we’ve seen.

In the registry you see how Robot Jumping, crossing the balance beam, navigating uneven terrain, and performing a double somersault, all in style parkour.

“the parkour It’s the perfect environment for the Atlas team to try out new behaviors. With jumps, balance beams, and boxes, Atlas robots have been able to push their limits so we can create new advances in navigation, cognition and mathematical intelligence.

Boston Dynamics.

The company explains that Atlas consists of a research project, which is a modern machine that helps the company’s engineers build better perception and control systems.

“On a practical level, it’s a platform where we can do research and development,” says Benjamin Stevens, Atlas’ chief control officer. This research includes gymnastic procedures and parkour which the company seduces its fans.

Thus, unlike Spot, its famous robot dog, Atlas is only a development platform and is not commercially available.

“It may not be designed for a specific task, but we know that to perform a series of physical functions, we’re clear that human design must be able to achieve those goals,” adds Scott Koendersma, chief development officer at Atlas.

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