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Hacking T-Mobile database and extracting data from 100 million customers

Hacking T-Mobile database and extracting data from 100 million customers

Washington, United States

the American mobile operator T-Mobile It admitted that its database had been hacked, after hackers on Monday claimed to have extracted information from nearly 100 million customers and put a portion of it up for sale on the dark web.

hacked data It includes information such as Social Security numbers and a driver’s license. The US operator said in a statement that it had begun a “deep technical review of the status of its” systems “to determine the nature of the unlawfully accessed data,” without being able to determine at this time. The potential number of affected customers.

The company initially claimed to be investigating the allegations made by the hacker group, and later admitted to it At least some data has been compromised.

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“We have determined that there was unauthorized access to the T-Mobile database, but we have not determined that any personal customer data” was compromised, the company said in a statement. “We are confident that the entry point used by (hackers) has already been closed,” he added.

T-Mobile said it is conducting its own analysis with digital forensic experts In coordination with the general force. According to screenshots published by security site Bleeping Computer, the personal data of at least 30 million people has been put up for sale on dark web forums for $280,000 in bitcoin.

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The breach was first reported by Vice’s Motherboard, which cited a resource that claimed to provide “complete information” on T-Mobile customers. The reports follow a wave of data breaches and ransomware attacks that have affected a wide range of businesses and organisations, including the US pipeline operator, Ireland’s Health Information System and a major Indian airline.

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Facebook, Yahoo and Marriott are among the US companies affected by massive customer data breaches in recent years involving more than 100 million users. T-Mobile acquired rival carrier Sprint in 2019 pitting itself against AT&T and Verizon.