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Black Ops showcases its new game

Black Ops showcases its new game

David Vonderhaar's new game makes its first appearance

Fans of shooting games, especially the Call of Duty series, know the Black Ops saga very well. In fact, it is considered one of the best games for many players. Well, the former president of this famous video game franchise just did Submit your next project He shared a photo of a barn that left the community full of doubts. Yes, it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case it seemed to leave you wanting more.

As you well know, Call of Duty 2025 is designed to be a direct continuation of Black Ops 2, which is considered by many to be the best game ever in the history of Call of Duty. Now one of the people responsible for creating this amazing work of art has revealed his next project, as David Vonderhaar announced his departure from Treyarch last summer, after spending Over 20 years of work in the Call of Duty serieswhich has become the most popular and played shooting game in the world.

More questions than answers with the new Vonderhaar game

The information has been provided by himself David Vonderhaar Through his official Twitter account. The only evidence left for it is an icon and a web page, if you click this link You will be able to see the image that was displayed. All information and David's history point to his project It's a new video gameAlthough he hasn't really confirmed anything about this, the only thing that is known is that he stated a while ago that he would continue making video games and that he would start working on something unique.

At the moment, David Vonderhaar has not provided more details about his new project, so you will have to pay close attention to find out his next official news. It is clear that the image caused a huge uproar among the developer’s followers. Logically, Now you have many questionsso maybe at some point, David will come out and resolve all the doubts you've raised with this new information.

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If you want to know more about Vonderhaar's departure, here we leave you the news with all the available information. Without a doubt, the games in the Black Ops saga They're missing a really important piece. Hopefully we'll see soon what new title he develops, but being him, it will definitely be worth it.